This golf game is for three golfers and enables them to play a version of fourball golf

Mr Invisible is a golf game that enables a three ball to play in a variation of a fourball match. The fourth player is Mr Invisible.

Mr Invisible is a very steady player – he makes bogey on every hole.

On every hole two fourball teams are formed, one player getting partnered with Mr Invisible.

As in the game Wolf, there is a designated player, and which of the players is the designated player changes on each hole in rotation.

The three golfers always tee off in the same rotating order. Thus on the 1st hole if Alex is designated player, and Bert plays second and Cecil third, then on the 2nd hole it is Bert who is the designated player, Cecil plays second and Alex third.

It is the job of the designated player to determine who he plays with on each hole.

Taking the example of hole 1 above, after Bert has driven, Alex as designated player can decide to partner Bert, but he can only decide to do so before Cecil has driven. If he says yes, then Alex and Bert play as a fourball team against Cecil and Mr Invisible, who we already know will make a bogey.

If Alex does not elect to play with Bert, then he has the choice of partnering Cecil after Cecil has played his drive. If he also rejects Cecil then the designated player is paired with Mr Invisible.

Points are awarded to the team with the lowest combined score on each hole. If the team with two real players wins, each of that team gets a point; if the player who is partnered with Mr Invisible wins then that player gets two points.