We pick our favourite 10 trick shots of Instagram star Tania Tare. By Ben Whitlock

10 Best Tania Tare Trick Shots

You’ll do well to go far on social media without seeing a trick shot of some sort somewhere.

Golf is no exception.

Many people have taken to social media to showcase their golf trick shot skills.

And one of the best out there is 28-year-old Tania Tare.

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A graduate from Florida International University, Tania has played on the ALPG in Australia.

When she’s not practising her swing, Tania is posting mesmerising trick shots on her Instagram page.

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She has built up an impressive following of over 92k followers on Instagram alone, and after looking through some of her videos, it is easy to see why!

We’ve selected 10 of our favourites:

  1. Rainbow flick drive

Miss the fairway with my real drive, hit the fairway with a trick drive… 🤔 @popticals #NyDefGolf

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

2. Hitting an off handed volley drive better than most hit a normal shot!

Better than my normal tournament drives recently… 😒🔨 #pumagolf #cobragolf #oncoregolf

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

3. Well that is one way of getting it in the hole…

4. Rainbow Flick, Keepy Up, Volley Drive

Brainstorming! 🤔 #pumagolf #cobragolf #oncoregolf PS: it’s hot as ⚾️🎾🏀🏈⚽️🏉

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

5. The club twirl then volley ends this impressive sequence perfectly

First day trying lefty kicks! ✋🏽🤚🏽 #pumagolf #cobragolf #oncoregolf Creative genius: @nikkibgolf

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

6. I think I’ll stick to punching it out on to the fairway…

Fast forward, and I’m still here fangirling @tigerwoods vids…. #GOAT #pumagolf #cobragolf #oncoregolf #fore

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

 7. An alternative way of getting up and down!

It’s flipped, not flicked! #pumagolf #cobragolf #oncoregolf @briecampbell

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

8. Why throw a ball into a cup when you can do this?

Indoor tricks until it warms up… 😂#pumagolf #cobragolf #oncoregolf

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

9. Bump and runs are old fashioned anyway…

10. How helpful would this be when your tee shot is heading towards the water!

Happy Birthday to my fav! 👌🏽 Thanks for putting up with me for half the season so far. Surprised you're not sick of me already cause I'm annoying as! 😂😂 Hope you win every single tournament I don't win 😉❤️️ @tishaalyn PS: we prob need to go somewhere one day without any clubs…

A post shared by Tania Tare (@taniatare63) on

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