Payntr X 001 F Shoe

The Payntr X 001 F shoe is one of the products featured on our Editor’s Choice list

Payntr X 001 F Shoe
(Image credit: Payntr)

The Payntr X 001 F shoe is one of the products featured on our Editor’s Choice list

Payntr X 001 F Shoe

New on the scene, the Payntr X 001 F shoe has made an immediate impact. In fact, due to its raft of clever performance features, it's already become one of the best spikeless golf shoes you'll find anywhere.

Already a successful sports footwear brand in the UK, this shoe was built with the help of Mike Forsey, a footwear expert based in the US with more than three decades of experience working for the likes of Nike, Ping Collection and Under Armour.

The result is the performance-packed X001 F that has been designed to give golfers an advantage from the ground up.

Payntr X 001 F Golf Shoes

Unique Traction System

Born out of biomechanical insights, we found the grip on offer from Payntr’s unique 3D traction system was fantastic. It comprises a lightweight TPU outsole with specifically placed traction knubs that prevent rotational slipping, as well as a midsole that supports any horizontal weight shift.

Additionally, a Graphite Power Plate provides a responsive feel so golfers can harness ground forces to generate power.

No matter the conditions or lie, this shoe provided a solid platform from which we could swing confidently and powerfully. We didn’t experience any unwanted rotation or slipping, which is something that can’t be said for a lot of golf shoes on the market.

All-day comfort

Although Payntr views golf footwear as a piece of equipment that can deliver performance benefits, it also understands the role that comfort plays. That’s why the X001 F comes with a PMX Foam midsole for a soft and well-cushioned underfoot experience that offers support throughout the swing.

In addition, the Clarino microfiber upper is waterproof as well as being lightweight and breathable, meaning our feet were protected from the elements while the in-shoe environment was in no way stuffy.

We were very impressed with the comfort and grip on offer, as well as the contemporary and understated design of the three colour options - classic white, cool grey and anthracite black.

Coupled with the myriad of performance features, it’s a shoe that wouldn’t look out of place off the course as well as on, and should be right at the top of your list of shoes to try in 2021.

Payntr X001 F Golf Shoes

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