Arccos Caddie Rangefinder

The Arccos Caddie Rangefinder is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

arccos caddie rangefinder

The Arccos Caddie Rangefinder is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Arccos Caddie Rangefinder

Arccos Golf has established a sterling reputation amongst golfers with its seamless shot-tracking and performance analysis technology. It uses smart sensors, either inserted or embedded into the tops of your grips to detect where you hit a shot and with which club, it can even detect the difference between a practice swing and a real shot taken.

Editor's Choice 2020

Alongside a paired smartphone in your pocket, it will then collate all the data and provide golfers with accurate distance information as well as shot patterns and a host of other useful statistics to help golfers understand their games.

But the company took it one step further at the start of 2020 by introducing the world’s first A.I.-powered GPS Rangefinder. It provides users of the Arccos Caddie app with precise yardages by delivering a number based on a real-time calculation of slope, weather and altitude.

The only number

It truly brings a new meaning to 'the number'. It's the one thing golfers need to know before selecting a club for their upcoming shot, but never before have so many factors been taken into consideration without having a professional caddie by your side.

While not yet legal for competition use, it demonstrates how Arccos' rich data set and technological capability is allowing us to make smarter decisions on the course in a way that speeds up pace of play in the process. In 2019, the average Arccos Caddie user who played at least five rounds lowered their handicap by an average of 4.2 strokes, so it clearly work in helping players understand where they need to improve. Ultimately, the Arccos Caddie Rangefinder gives you the confidence you need over the ball that the club you're hitting is the right one and that puts you in the best place mentally to make a good swing and get the result you want.

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