Your golfing career is a true odyssey. A collection of highs and lows that combine to make golf such a fantastic game. Everyone dreams of playing like a god but golf is about so much more than the score on your card. Indeed, the more rich and varied your golfing CV, the more you appreciate what a truly God-given game it is. However, there are some things that every golfer should try, even if it?s only once. And, here they are. From the sublime to the ridiculous, taking in the unfortunate and the never-to-be-repeated, these are the 18 things you must do in your golfing career.

1) Break 100
Finally carding a ?Mr Whippy? (99) or better for the first time is one of golf?s great pleasures. It marks the point at which you pass from being a bit of a hacker to a fully-fledged golfer. A spiritual moment to be savoured and although you?ll almost certainly shoot 100 and plenty in your next round, getting it round in double figures rightly gives you a real sense of achievement.

2) Break 90
Breaking 90 isn?t as special as breaking a ton, but it?s a good indicator that you are making real progress as at around 18 over it means you?re only taking a mere one shot per hole more than pros are expected to! The fact you had an eight in there is of no consequence, quite frankly.

3) Break 80
Now we?re talking. Going round in single figures is what REAL players do, and you?re now one of them. With your 79 or better banked, the post-round chat in the bar will almost certainly involve an awful lot of ?if only a few more putts had dropped.?

4) Drive a ball 300 yards
The joy derived from pegging up a ball and giving your driver an almighty rip is the one thing that unites every golfer. Snooty single-figure golfers might try to make out they love nothing more than getting up and down for par or striking a pure long iron, but they?re lying. Like the rest of us they love nothing more than theatrically tearing off the headcover and letting the big dog eat.

5) Play an Open Championship course
Each year the esteemed gents of the R&A take their roadshow to one of the country?s great seaside courses, and the entire golfing population temporarily goes mad for links golf. The most keen end up remortgaging their house to pay for the privilege of a round on an Open course. It?s an experience everyone should try once because there?s nothing quite like strolling down the 18th of somewhere like Birkdale imagining your name atop the famous yellow scoreboard, the packed stands rising to greet you as you doff your cap… and tap in for an ignominious triple-bogey finish.

6) Blow your wages on a new set of golf clubs
Anyone who?s ever set foot in a golf shop will testify that golf is an expensive sport, and the worse you?re playing the more expensive it gets. Whatever your problem, from wild driving to hapless putting, the surest route to salvation seems through new kit. All you have to do now is explain your new purchase to your other other half. Best of luck.

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