Facing a chip from a muddy or wet lie is a scenario no golfer enjoys. The margin for error on the strike is much smaller than usual and using your normal technique leaves this shot wrought with danger. That’s why you need to employ a wet lie chipping method.

Beginners guide to chipping

So I much prefer using a bunker shot technique. The only real change is the ball position that should sit a little more towards the centre of your stance. As with a bunker should you are not aiming to strike the ball directly here but to catch it slightly fat, striking the ground before the ball. The swing itself should be full and aggressive to ensure you have enough speed through the ground to advance the ball onto the green. Try this wet lie chipping method approach in practice – it really works from those horrible, muddy lies.

Pitching advice

In the winter, when the greens are soft, it makes sense when you pitch to throw the ball up in the air and carry it as close to the hole as possible. However, this isn’t always a good idea. Your shot selection process again starts with a close look at the lie. Examine how it is sitting because if your ball is in an area without much grass, a lower-flighted, running shot is a much safer option.

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Being able to make a shorter swing with less loft takes disaster out of play. However, be warned that if the pin is at the back of the green, make sure you take enough club.

Rory McIlroy Pitching Tips

It’s an amateur mistake to go for a running shot and leave it halfway. Don’t be afraid to use a mid iron or even a hybrid to make sure you get the run you need to reach the flag.