Stop slicing golf tip

Stop slicing your golf drives with this essential tip by Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Andrew Reynolds

stop slicing tip

In this exclusive stop slicing golf tips, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Andrew Reynolds goes back to basics and offers a simple solution to a simple fault

The slice is one of the most common and frustrating faults in the game. For the majority of slicers, the issue starts at address - either your shoulders are open (pointing left), or your hips are open or your feet are open. Often all three are aiming left!

How to fix your slice

This is a natural reaction for anyone with a slice (to aim further left) but it becomes self-fulfilling. The more you aim left, the more it drifts right through the air. The problem with this is that it causes an out-to-in swing path through impact that sends the ball off with left-to-right spin. The resulting slice will leave you with your head in your hands.

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If you want to rid yourself of the slice try my stop slicing golf tip. Start by setting up square to your target line. There are no shortcuts here and this will feel strange at first but is an absolute must. Make sure that your body and your feet are square (it isn't good enough just to square up your feet). Hit a series of shots but don't worry about where they go. This is about getting comfortable.

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During the swing itself, you need to create a different feel through impact. You will be used to cutting across the ball and your left elbow might well be bending through impact. You need to feel that you are hitting 'out' on the shot - driving the clubhead towards the right of the target through impact.

Undoubtedly you will hit some fairly horrible shots as you try to rid yourself of the slice but trust me, the more shots you hit the more comfortable you will feel. Make sure that you develop that feeling of 'release' through impact - driving the club to the right. This will give your swing a new shape and and your ball flight a much straighter look.


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