How to Stop the Reverse Pivot

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GM Top 25 Coach Andrew Reynolds reveals how to stop the reverse pivot to improve your swing.

There are a host of different reasons why you could be hitting a slice but in this article I'm going to focus on one of the most common - the reverse pivot. Essentially this term relates to the way in which you are using your weight during the golf swing and is a fault that you simply must avoid.

The problem tends to occur when players look to hang back on the right side through impact to get the ball in the air. Instead of moving your weight away from the target at the top of the backswing and then towards it in the downswing, your weight flows in the opposite direction.

The problem is that you get stuck on the back foot through impact and this costs you both power and accuracy. A technically sound swing is a powerful swing and you most get your weight moving in the opposite direction to stop the reverse pivot.

Think about how you would throw a ball. As your arm draws back your weight would move onto your back foot. Then as you move towards the release your weight is moving towards the target.

So get the ball forward in your stance and set a fraction more weight on your right side at address. As you coil into the backswing 90% your weight should be on the right side. Then drive towards the target in the downswing and above all, trust the loft of your driver to get the ball into the air!

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This is a fault that many golfers fall into but to stop the reverse pivot requires grooving better weight distribution. The good news is this combination provides more distance and accuracy. This is a combination that will help every golfer shoot lower scores.


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