Fairway bunker shot Video

There are a number of key points to think about when playing a fairway bunker shot, all aimed at producing a clean strike.

If you can improve your striking from fairway bunkers you should see your overall iron play improve.

Firstly, consider the lip in front of you, and be realistic in your club selection to ensure you get over it and out of the bunker.

I’d also suggest that you grip slightly further down than you normally would, as well as taking a solid stance with your feet dug into the sand.

The backswing should be a little shorter than normal to help you clip the ball away, a little bit like playing a punch. A lot of problems occur when players lift up out of the shot as they hit the ball.

Instead, you should look to maintain your spine angle from the moment it is set. This will also help to improve the strike.

Key tips

  • Be realistic with your club selection
  • Ensure you take enough loft to get up and out of the bunker
  • Choke slightly down the grip
  • Take a solid stance and dig your feet into the sand
  • Shorter backswing than normal
  • Make sure you pick the ball clean without taking any sand before the ball
  • Maintain your spine angle from setup

Keep your sternum over the ball through impact. Avoid leaning back to add height to the shot as you risk catching the sand before the ball.

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If you’re ever in doubt about clearing a high lip, always play it safe and take one less club. Being 10 yards short of the green is always better than not getting out of the bunker.

If the lip is not a problem, take one extra club than you normally would do from the same yardage off grass. The ball never travels quite as far out of sand.