Ball above feet golf tips

I’ve created a familiar scenario on the range having placed the ball above my feet. This is one of those everyday scenarios that requires some fine-tuning to your normal technique. If you can make the following changes you’ll make a clean, accurate strike. This is all about ensuring a difficult lie doesn’t cost you a bad contact.

Firstly, the slope will naturally make your swing flatter that usual and this, along with the full release that is also encouraged, will cause the ball to turn left in the air. There’s no way to really counteract this confidently, so just allow for the draw with your alignment and aim your feet, hips and shoulders as well as the club face, a little right of your intended target. Secondly, move your hands down the shaft, to the bottom of the grip. This will prevent you from catching the ground before the ball and hitting it fat – a common trap you simply must be aware of and avoid. Finally, stand a little taller to the ball than usual – you’ll need a little less knee flex at address to do this. Importantly, ensure that you still pivot over the ball from your hips, keeping your back straight. Your adress still needs to be dynamic and athletic to allow you to make a good upper body rotation. As long as you can maintain this spine angle through the swing – from address to impact – you should be able to find the strike you’re looking for.

Try to find a slope on the course as you play in a friendly. Practice this shot and you’ll see how the ball shapes from right to left in the air. As long as you allow for this you should still be able to attack the flag despite the lie.