In This exclusive feature we asked Andy Sullivan How To Hit A Draw. Here the Englishman explains how to find a controlled flight with added distance.

There are two occasions when a draw will really help you off the tee. Firstly, if the hole shapes to the left – following that shape with your ball flight will maximise your chances of hitting the fairway. Secondly, if you are looking to pinch a few extra yards the draw spin will do that for you. Either way, the draw is a good skill to learn and well worth devoting time to while you’re on the range.

The key here is to create the shape by changing your address position. So start by moving your ball back in your stance and aim your feet a fraction further right that usual. This creates the in-to-out swing shape that you need through impact to get the ball turning over in the air.

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The misconception that many players have when it comes to hitting a draw is that they feel they have to flip the hands over through impact to generate the sidespin they are looking for. But for me, this is uncontrollable so I like to set up for the draw at address and then swing freely. This way I can get a nice 5-yard draw that adds distance without destroying my accuracy.