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Key technology

Featuring the same ‘Active Recoil Channel’ as the previous 915 hybrid, this has been redesigned for better turf interaction while still offering high speed and low spin performance. The 816 version should launch higher, has a new grey crown and there are more loft options available to aid gapping.

Titleist 816 Hybrids Review

This is an evolutionary design coming as it does just one year after the launch of the 915 hybrid – Titleist most successful ever in this category. The differences in comparison to the previous generation are, as you’d expect, small, but they are important. Whether due to the new grey crown colouring or the shaping of the head itself, we found the difference between the H1 and H2 models far more pronounced. The H1 looks far larger at address and launches the ballnoticeably higher (we think this club will appeal to a wider range of handicaps). The H2 is more compact and offers a controlled flight with a tight distance dispersion.

The extra loft options are crucial here too as Titleist is emphasising its desire for consumers to find the right distance gaps with their hybrids. The recommended retail price of the 816 hybrids is £205.

An evolutionary product that has been brought into the same launch cycle as the company’s iron models to encourage players to get properly fitted for both. We loved the easy hitting, high-flying performance of the slightly larger H1 model.