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Peter Jones

Handicap: 11

Home Club: North Manchester

Mizuno #YourGame2016 goal: To get my handicap down to 9.4… or even better!

I retired three years ago, joined a club and got down from 17 to 11 fairly quickly having not played much for a while. But I’m still hoping for more! My putting could be better, but more distance off the tee would take the pressure off my second shots and make single figures a realistic goal.

I have a solid swing and can keep it straight off the tee enabling me to avoid big scores on any single hole.  My mental strength is excellent, I am philosophical about bad shots (and don’t swear or throw equipment) and I make good shot choices throughout the round.  I take feedback on board well and get a lot out of coaching/lessons.

I don’t get a lot of distance off the tee and find I struggle hitting longer par 4s in two.  I also struggle, sometimes, with shots where the ball is below my feet.  If I get over-confident, I start to try to hit the ball a little harder and this can adversely affect contact.  I don’t always identify this quickly enough!