How To Stop Slicing Drives

In this video, Golf Monthly top 25 coach John Jacobs looks at the two reasons for slicing your drives.

Are you tired of missing fairways to the right and hitting weak drives? Watch the video above to gain a better understanding of how to control you clubface and path.

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The two main causes of a sliced shot are the club’s path, which is represented by the lower stick in the drill shown in the video, and the clubface at impact which is represented by the other stick.

A slice can occur when either or both of your clubface at impact and swing path are off.

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You can slice the ball with a square clubface if your path is too left, and you can still slice if your clubface is closed.

That’s because some slicers will toe the clubface in and then subsequently swing further left to avoid a slice, but the further left you swing actually makes the ball slice even more.

Do you need to change your face, path or both?

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Predominantly it is the face that is open for amateurs so coaches tend to sort the face out first and then subsquently work on path.

Good players can work the body left but then the skill is in keeping the clubhead to the right or straight.

Watch the video at the top of the page for full details on John Jacob’s face-to-path drill