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Made in Japan RC 6150 TG, Crews W701, Yururi Seida review


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Clubhouse Golf

These high-end golf club brands are very popular in Japan and full ranges are now available in the UK and Europe with wedges being the main focus. The RC 6150 TG wedge comes with a scratch-resistant black finish. An ultra-smooth face combined with grooved score lines provide maximum spin. Crews specialises in wedges and the W-701 has a triple sole design which is 40% wider for ease of use. The Seida is forged from 1012C steel and then plated in brushed satin, before finally being finished by hand.


For those who are willing to pay top-end prices for premium clubs, all three of these wedges are worth serious consideration. The high-quality manufacturing processes are clear to see and are even more evident once you’re using the clubs for real. The Yururi Seida stood out for me – it is the most unusual-looking of the bunch but felt great and produced a serious amount of spin.