Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

For this Cleveland CBX Full Face wedge review, we take the innovative model on the course for a few rounds

Golf Monthly Verdict

This CBX Full Face wedge is well worth a try if you're struggling with short-game confidence

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent levels of forgiveness and the sole design means you can play numerous different shots with confidence

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The looks do take a bit of getting used to

For this Cleveland CBX Full Face wedge review, we take the innovative model on the course for a few rounds

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Review

Cleveland is a brand that’s built a stellar reputation for its wedge designs over the years, and the Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge has only added to that. We’ve come to expect innovation, performance and premium looks from Cleveland wedges and the CBX Full Face wedge delivers on all three of those fronts.

Despite the recent trend towards slightly unconventional wedge designs in recent times, the CBX Full Face will take a bit of getting used to visually. As the name suggests, the grooves cover the entire hitting area and extend all the way out to the toe, which is a break from the established norm. 

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That said, the logic behind this extended groove coverage is sound. Amateur golfers certainly don’t hit the middle on all chip and wedge shots and additional grooves mean more spin on off-centre strikes and more protection against poor contacts. When the trade off is spending a few holes getting used to the new looks, it’s a no brainer. 

Cleveland Full Face wedge

The Zip grooves themselves impart maximum spin and sit on Cleveland’s Rotex-milled face to offer significant levels of control. There’s also a psychological effect, too, with the full groove coverage and high toe instilling confidence over those testing short-game shots. The finish is a premium dark grey/graphite that’s effective at repelling glare from the sun. 

The forgiveness levels in relation to the strike are also impressive, aided by the versatile C-shaped sole. It helps turn potential duffs into decent strikes and increases confidence from tight lies, which gives you the belief to be slightly more adventurous.

You’ll also notice a cavity on the back near the heel and a muscleback-style mass near the sole. These combine to offer increased forgiveness and bring the centre of gravity closer to the typical impact location for improved consistency.