Product Overview


Greenhill PTS Ultra golf trolley


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

A new system puts power back into the battery during the round. The frame is durable and lightweight. An advanced braking system gives control up and down hills.

Battery options/price: 18-hole (£509), 27-hole (£529), 36-hole (£549)

Colour options: White or black with green or titanium hinges

Warranty/servicing: One-year on all parts and battery including delivery costs


The build quality here is superb and it provides a great ‘ride’ thanks to the suspension and air tyres. The Greenhill PTS Ultra golf trolley was very easy to set up and didn’t pull to the side at all during use. A heavy trolley, which is an issue for loading it in and out of the car and for steering. The inflated wheels and mudguards made it look unsexy compared to others models on test. The handle could have been more robust. The use of top-quality components and attention to detail in assembling them make this an impressive trolley. Excellent performance, but it does lack the styling and kudos of other models. If you’re not fussed by that, this trolley should be on your shortlist.