NOBULL Matryx Golf Shoe Review

NOBULL launched its debut golf shoe last year, and the training footwear, apparel and accessories brand has recently given the Matryx some eye-catching new sole options including a floral design

NOBULL Tropical Matryx
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Golf Monthly Verdict

For anyone looking for something different when it comes to golf shoes – but wants the reassurance that the footwear is made from a genuine performance sports brand – the NOBULL Matryx shoe offers plenty of appeal with this athletic trainer-style design, which is lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Distinctive styling and niche cool brand

  • +

    Lightweight and comfortable

  • +

    On and off course appeal

  • +

    Patterned sole and all black options

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not fully waterproof

  • -

    Not as much grip as the best performing spikeless shoes

  • -

    White upper can get dirty and needs meticulous cleaning

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NOBULL was founded in 2015 by Reebok veterans Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer, and it has become the dominant brand in CrossFit. It’s the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games – which is like the Olympics for the sport – and has been expanding its offering into running, cycling, swimming and, more recently, golf. As someone who has really got into CrossFit, I can vouch for the fact that the brand’s shoes and training wear are extremely popular among fellow CrossFitters!

American pro, Scott Stallings, is the current face of NOBULL on the PGA Tour, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more players wearing these shoes over time. The brand’s vision is to create more high performance premium products for golf, such as the NOBULL Leather golf shoe, which debuted last year. 

The Matryx has been in the line for a while, and last year introduced has a few eye-catching new sole patterns including a floral design, otherwise known as Tropical Matryx. It has exactly the same upper as the white model, but with the patterned sole. This is something NOBULL does across its footwear range and is very popular with the patterned sole designs often selling out quickly. The floral design certainly drew a lot of questions and comments from my playing partners.

This is a very athletic, sporty, trainer-like shoe. The upper features a seamless one-piece construction of Matryx, a hardwearing and breathable material, which is water resistant, but not waterproof. This textured material offers a very distinctive look, as does the reflective NOBULL logo branding on the side, which is a style that’s common across a lot of the brand’s footwear. This may be a bit too prominent for some, but others will really like it – and I’m one of those. Yes it’s eye-catching, but, for me, in a good way. 

I'd say that the white upper especially, and the Martyx fabric in general, are best suited to drier conditions. The Matryx material is bit easier to clean than I thought it would be, but you have to clean them meticulously very soon after play in wet, muddy or dusty conditions to keep them looking pristine.

It’s the same for any white shoes, but more so for any with this textured material. If you're looking for more of a year-round color, you can also get the Matryx in black. I'll be only too happy to wear the Tropical ones on course throughout the drier months, but I think I'd wear them off course year round.

Nobull Matryx Shoes Review

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How about the comfort levels? It’s a big tick. The internal collar padding provided plenty of comfort and cushioning. In terms of support, there was plenty on offer but my feeling is that the Matryx shoes will perform best in summer or dry conditions. The ‘nubs’ on the sole produced decent traction, but on wet and muddy days – the type you tend to experience more in the UK – they do not offer quite the same level of grip some of the other spikeless shoes on the market.

NOBULL Tropical Matryx Golf Shoe putting

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However, there's no doubt about it, this is an impressive debut golf shoe. I'm excited to see how the range will evolve going forward. If you want to buy a golf shoe by a golf brand, there are loads of options out there. However, if you want something different, a shoe that says 'more than just a golfer', this is very much NOBULL’s space. The impressive versatility has earned the Matryx a sure spot in the 2023 Editor's Choice.

Mike Harris
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