Scott Kramer takes the New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL Golf Shoes out on course to test the grip and comfort of these excellent spikeless shoes.

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New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL Golf Shoe


  • Comfortable and stable golf shoe with nice athletic styling, from one of the top running shoe brands in the world.


  • Sizing runs a little small, so make sure you choose wisely.


New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL Golf Shoe


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New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL Golf Shoe Review

Sometimes you just know new shoes are right, when you put them on for the first time. That’s how these feel. At least to us.

After all, beauty lies in the foot of the beholder when it comes to shoes. But these just feel like comfortable slippers, from moment one. Plenty of cushion and arch support. Ample amount of toe room. And a snug fit that isn’t too stiff. Maybe it’s the waterproof mesh upper here that enhances the lightness.

Speaking of, each shoe weighs just 11 ounces. There’s also an integrated lace system that increases support of your foot – a great thing while you’re taking a swing. Then there’s the smart rubber, cleatless outsole that incorporates pressure mapping colours that highlight peak performance zones.

It provides plenty of traction on the course. Yet without the cleats – but with the athletic look you can easily wear these shoes off the course and blend right in.

The “Cush+” foam insole yields an ultra-soft and responsive cushioning without sacrificing durability and stability, as well.

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You will notice it immediately upon trying it on. And the foam midsole has been reinvented for this model to provide more stability, support and comfort.

It features concave geometric shapes on the lateral side of the shoe to deliver softness. Vertical convex geometric nubs on the medial side provide exceptional walking stability and support under your foot and arch.

That makes this an ideal walking shoe. Another thing we really like about the midsole is the 10mm drop: It truly lets you stand low to the ground, which helps your angle of attack into the ball ever so slightly in a way that helps you get shots airborne more quickly.

This is especially evident on tee shots, and we noticed it right off the bat in our testing.


This is a complete golf shoe. It has the New Balance pedigree, foam cushioning, cleatless sole with good traction, and a look you can pull either on or off the course.