In this Duca Del Cosma Kingscup golf shoe review, we put a pair designed by the Italian footwear brand through its paces out on the golf course

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Duca Del Cosma Kingscup Shoes


  • Light, flexible and waterproof with ample grip and impressive comfort levels. Versatile styling for off-course wear adds value.


  • Probably not a shoe you'd want to wear all-year round.


Duca Del Cosma Kingscup Golf Shoe


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Duca Del Cosma Kingscup Golf Shoe Review

Duca Del Cosma combines Italian design with premium, handcrafted materials, and the footwear brand is making quite a statement with its modern collection, which includes a wide range of different styles.

You know you’re in for a treat as soon as you open the box, and it only gets better when you slip them on – the Kingscup really does feel like a slipper.

Duca Del Cosma Kingscup Golf Shoe

Golf shoes designed for wearing off the course as well as on it are nothing new, but Duca Del Cosma is definitely offering a new generation of golfers something different, especially with a number of its bolder models, of which Kingscup is one, and the Editor’s Choice winner Elpaso is another.

It might look like a trainer – which could attract the attention of the member who’s not so up to date with the latest trends – but it doesn’t lack golf-specific technology.

The Airplay III outsole is remarkably lightweight and features lateral stabilisers and 5mm cone-shaped nubs for traction and stability.

Meanwhile, the slightly elevated heel is said to guarantee the perfect stance for your game.

Duca Del Cosma Kingscup Golf Shoe

We tried the Kingscup shoes on a spring day when the ground was quite firm and there was a little dew on the ground, but there was no problem with the grip, although that’s not to say they’d be the best choice of shoe in muddier/winter conditions. In fact, you’d probably want to steer clear of the mud full stop when wearing shoes this white.

It was also a dry day when we wore them, but they do feature a fully waterproof interior.

What we can say with quite some certainty is that the Kingscup is extremely comfortable, so even if the ground is firm, you should have no concerns that your feet might feel a little sore towards the end of your round in spite of the low profile, spikeless outsole.

Duca Del Cosma Kingscup Golf Shoe

The 100 per cent Italian Nappa leather, breathable insole and memory foam boost these comfort levels, so you’ll be in no hurry to take them off after your round.

There’s modern and there’s the Duca Del Cosma Kingscup. Light, flexible, colourful and with a trendy profile, they’re sure to turn a few heads on and off the golf course for the right reasons.


As far away from a traditional shoe as you can get - but that's no bad thing. As to whether you can pull the look off, that's down to you to decide, but we like the modern styling and ample performance.