Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set Review

In this Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set review, we test it out on the course to assess the looks and performance

Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Beginners should settle into this set really quickly. It's an ideal first set if your just starting out, catering for enough shots and situations to get you round 18 holes and improve until a bigger upgrade is required.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy launching clubs.

  • +

    Excellent value for new golfers.

  • +

    Very stable putter.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Only two irons included.

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Inesis 100 Seven Club Beginner Set Review

There are seven clubs in the Inesis 100 set but how good are they? I played nine holes at West Hill Golf Club testing them in various settings along the way.

The Inesis 100 set is made up of seven golf clubs - a driver (14°), hybrid (22°), a six/seven iron, an eight/nine iron, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. All the clubs in the set also have light graphite shafts and the entire golf club set retails at £169.99. The bag can also be brought for an extra £44.99.

Before getting into the test it is worth acknowledging that as a half-set, there will of course be moments where you struggle in terms of shots in between yardages. So a degree of manufacturing may be necessary here.

In the first on-course test, I went to the par-3 9th at West Hill and hit five shots with the eight/nine iron with Titleist Pro V1x balls. This was to find out about consistency and generally what the performance of the irons is like.

I was very pleased with the results as all five hit the green. One was a push and one was a pull but the rest went at the flag and all had pretty good consistency in terms of distance.

The feel of the irons was also a plus point. They felt buttery smooth through the ball and if it was a blind test, Neil acknowledged how he would have thought he was hitting a premium iron.

Starting with the driver, I liked the matte-black finish of the head and the way it contrasts the silver face. There is plenty of loft to look down on which does inspire confidence, and when you couple that with the large size of the head (460cc), then it is a driver that many could get on with.

What I didn't like was the pattern on top of the head which fusses the design slightly.

I also liked the look of the hybrid and the matte-grey finish of the irons too. They frame the ball nicely and the mid-size top-line is confidence inspiring without being too chunky.

The final club to talk about is the putter which is simple in its design but could definitely do with a head-cover. 

I hit five drives on the 10th hole at West Hill and the consistency of distance with the driver revealed itself. Another plus point is the shaft which felt very stable and the performance was pretty solid.

Another thing to mention is the sound and feel which is quite a high-pitched impact sound which may not be to my liking, but many will prefer it over a duller sounding driver.

I shot four-over with the clubs over nine-holes which showed he didn't play well but didn't play too badly either.

In terms of the set, the irons and the hybrid were the clubs that really excelled. The irons felt excellent, there is plenty of forgiveness on offer and the looks are good too. The hybrid was also very easy to launch and it performed well.

The two areas I struggled were with the putter and driver. The putter is very basic and it is very firm off the face which does take some time to get used to.

In terms of the driver there was some good performance but dropped in control compared to more expensive drivers which is to be expected.

On the whole when you combine everything together this Inesis 100 set does offer good value for money and if you are a beginner looking to get into the game, this set gives everything you need.

Additionally the bag for an extra £44.99 is extremely light and very simple.

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