Cobra Women’s Max Driver review

A review of the Cobra Women’s Max Driver

Cobra Women's Max driver
Cobra Women's Max driver
Golf Monthly Verdict

For higher handicap golfers this is a great club that will help them to achieve greater distance and a straighter ball flight.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Extremely forgiving club, good ball speeds

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Won’t suit better players looking to tailor ball flight

The Cobra Women’s Max driver is designed to help improving players maximise distance and forgiveness by achieving a high launch and straight ball flight.

Cobra Women’s Max Driver RRP: £199

The Cobra Women’s Max driver is aimed at higher handicap golfers who are looking to achieve more consistency and distance from the tee. It’s particularly good for those players who struggle with a slice.

A key feature of the driver, helping the player achieve greater distance is the speed channel face. This is basically a trench that surrounds the face helping to minimise the thickness of the face itself, this means greater spring and so ball speeds and distance, even on those shots you catch out of the heel or toe.

The club is slightly offset which should help you to square the face more at impact, helping you to eliminate the slice and promoting a straighter, draw-biased ball flight.

The centre of gravity in the Cobra Women’s Max driver has been pushed back and lower into the head. This means a higher launch, greater forgiveness and consistency.

The 460CC head comes with raspberry finish and looks great, inspiring confidence at address. The driver comes with a loft of 15 degrees which should further assist in achieving a high, towering ball flight.

A Cobra Max Matrix white tie 45X4 shaft comes as standard, as does a Winn wrap grip.

Overall this driver will suit improving players looking to send the ball higher and straighter. It will particularly suit those looking to iron out a left to right ball flight.