Product Overview


  • Stunning to look at offer good playability


  • The small heads might seem to hard to hit for many




Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

A thin top-line with a hint of the powerful, forgiving strike you’re going to achieve when you look at the back. The short irons look appealing to hit sitting tight behind the ball at address but the long irons need a confident and committed stroke. The cut-muscle design means a centre of gravity 25% deeper than the MP-33s which Mizuno says enhances stability and distance control. Forged with neutral bias designed for high-sailing long irons and penetrating mid to short irons


These new Mizuno blades have quite small heads and if you aren't used to scoring on your average saturday afternoon, they probably aren't for you. The feel and workability offered by the short irons are the real stamp of quality - that and the classic blade look. In the bag and behind the ball these beautiful but you'll need to find a consistently sweet strike to reap the benefits.