JPX825 irons

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the Mizuno JPX825 irons

Mizuno JPX825
Golf Monthly Verdict

GM verdict: We?ve said in these equipment pages on numerous occasions before that the current trend for forgiving irons is to make them more compact, and Mizuno has been at the forefront of this. The JPX825 irons continue the trend, but take things a step further by improving feel. There?s noticeably more feedback on offer compared to other sets in this category. Shots that slightly miss the middle will still fly straight, but you know exactly where you?ve made contact. This encourages improvement, as well as offering room for error. But... the innovation from the original JPX800 set isn't huge. PGA pro verdict: These irons offered impressive feedback and performance. Giving a soft feel, yet powerful flight, they were easy to shape and control. The long irons were a dream to strike and gave a pleasing high launch and carry, while the regular steel shaft enhanced the feel. Yet another fine product from Mizuno. Test Team Rating: Performance: 4.5/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 3.5/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4/5

Key technology:

Since the introduction of the JPX800 irons, Mizuno engineers have worked to improve the feel without sacrificing forgiveness or distance. Forgiveness in the longer irons (4-7) is achieved via a pocket cavity design, which means the head doesn't need to be bulky. The shorter clubs (8-PW) are more compact, for better versatility.

Will suit: players who struggle with their long irons, but don't want huge head designs.

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