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SkyCaddie SG5 GPS


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Clubhouse Golf

The SkyCaddie SG5 golf GPS: Up to 40 targets per hole are mapped on foot by a trained SkyCaddie team in order to give more accurate readings. The shape of every green is also mapped on foot and the yardages to the front, back and middle of greens change depending on the angle you are approaching the green from. The colour display gives a preview of the safest path to the hole and advises on the best lay-up areas to aim at.

Automatically updates between each hole so it doesn’t need constant attention. Clear distances to the front, middle and back boosts confidence on shot selection. 

Can only hold 20 courses, so the travelling golfer needs to manage these. Hole overview is basic. Premium price tag.

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The SkyCaddie required minimal fuss, but still provided the majority of information I needed. Fast updates and ease of use meant this really helped speed up play. The battery easily lasted for 36 holes and there were no adverse effects from the rain. The only downside was that it was difficult to tell exactly where the ideal lay-up area was without a detailed overhead display.