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SkyCaddie SGX GPS


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Clubhouse Golf

The SkyCaddie SGX GPS features a new iPhone-sized unit with a three-inch colour display and dual navigation system. SkyCaddie’s proprietary True Point Precision Technology and ground-verified mapping delivers the highest possible levels of accuracy. The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 14 hours. The unit can now hold up to 50 full-featured courses.

The SkyCaddie SGX GPS will suit players who want to own and use a state-of-the-art GPS device and/or those who will make use of stat tracking software and online community features.

With its ultra-modern design and myriad of new functions, the SGX represents a huge step up from the SG5  for SkyCaddie. The introduction of overhead ‘Hole-Vue’ graphics with zoom and the extra green detail provided by IntelliGreen Pro graphics offers golfers masses of useful information. Pre loaded front, middle and back yardages for 30,00 courses that can be accessed for a nominal yearly fee is a superb addition. The stat tracking function and Club SG concept are nice additions.



Great design, easy to use, lots of new functions, increased course capacity and improved battery life. Getting exact distances to the flag still requires access to a pin sheet and quick arithmetic. Unit and top membership packages are expensive. PGA Pro verdict Over recent years I have become a big fan of SkyCaddie GPS systems. I now use mine all the time. The new feature that shows the entire hole from above is an excellent addition. This makes it a more technologically advanced version of an old style course planner. Above all, knowing the exact yardage means you can pick your club with confidence, and that's crucial (John Jacobs).