Titleist TSi1 Driver

Our slow-swinging tester tries out the Titleist TSi1 driver on the course

Titleist TSi1 Driver Review
(Image credit: Tom Miles)
Golf Monthly Verdict

For those who swing slow and are inconsistent off the tee but who are looking to add distance, this driver delivers in spades. It is easy to use and can add a prodigious amount of length to your best drives.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    In the right hands, the lightweight feel and draw bias helps hit the ball further and straighter

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Only best suited to a minority of golfers

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Titleist TSi1 driver certainly delivers and how on what it promises for the 30% of golfers for whom it is specifically designed

Titleist TSi1 Driver Review

For the right golfer, the Titleist TSi1 driver is simply superb. In fact, it may be even better than that.

It is designed for players with swing speeds of no more than 90mph. Titleist estimates that golfers with a moderate or slow swing speed make up 30 percent of all players.

For this 30 per cent, the Titleist TSi1 driver improves club- and ball speed. From this, in turn, comes the increased distance. This speed comes from the TSi1 being about 40 grams lighter than a standard driver.


This is a club primarily for those who swing slow and are consistent off the tee but who are looking to add distance. Thus someone like me is the target market.

It certainly delivered on its promises. And how. My best drives with it went up to about 20 per cent further than with my current driver.

Accuracy was neither improved nor reduced with the club. The TSi1 has a slight draw bias. However the club is not designed to correct a severe slice, merely to give the ball a wee nudge in the right direction. The sound on impact will please those who like it quiet.


The “maximum launch angle”, much of which comes from the softer shaft, sends the ball soaring. This did seem to expose the shot slightly to the mercy of the wind. The difference between distances achieved when playing into the wind (opens in new tab) and with the wind behind became extended.

Three adjustable lofts are available for right-handed golfers – 9°, 10° and 12° - while the left-hand version is only available with a 10-degree loft. The TSi1 is one in a range of Titleist TSi drivers (opens in new tab), all aimed at specific types of golfers.

A player in the same fourball in a club competition also had the club in his bag. How had he finding it?

“Best piece of equipment I have ever bought,” he replied. “It’s easy to use, looks good behind the ball, hits it miles – I reckon my drives are now going 40 or 50 yards longer. What’s not to love?”

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