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R11S driver


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology

The R11S allows the face to be set in five positions and the loft can be moved up or down by 1.5°. Movable weight technology remains and all of this combined means there are 80 different head settings. The head size has increased from 440cc to 460cc, but is again white with a black face. That combination is designed to make it easy to align the club as well as reducing glare.

Will suit: golfers wanting a state-of-the-art driver which can be tweaked to individual needs.


GM verdict: The original R11 made such a big impact it is no surprise the latest version utilises similar technology. You won’t find a driver more adjustable than the R11S and with the right shaft and set-up it is a head that can be set to suit anyone. To get the most from the R11S a custom-fit is key. The white head and black face undoubtedly works to reduce glare and aids alignment. But... adjusting without a fitting could be detrimental to your game. Those with an R11 will find it hard to justify an upgrade. PGA Pro verdict: The most adjustable driver on the market, with an amazing amount of different set-up combinations. I am a great fan of TaylorMade products, and this is one not to miss. The design offers great consistency and performance. Choosing your adjusted specification provides real excitement; there are so many options in one club. It’s amazing how different the set-up configuration has become, and I could create all different types of flight. A must-try product for those after a new driver. Test Team rating: Performance: 4/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 3/5 Overall: 4/5