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Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 driver


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology:

This is the first adjustable Wilson Staff driver. The loft can be moved down one degree or up two degrees, and the driver comes with three head weight options. The three-gram is ‘Superlight’, to maximise clubhead speed; the seven-gram is the ‘Right Light’, which engineers say is the perfect balance; and the 11-gram offers ‘Traditional’ weighting.

Will suit… players looking to tweak flight and control spin.


GM verdict:Wilson Staff has added the option of changing the weight of the head in the new M3 driver. This might sound intimidating at first, but it's easy to do and the changes in flight are clear to see when the weight is changed. It's also great fun to experiment with the different settings available. Two shaft options are offered as standard, which produce contrasting ball flights, so a fitting is highly recommended. The new matte ice finish on the crown looks fantastic at address. But... some simply won't want this many options to alter the set-up. PGA pro verdict:With six loft options and three weight settings, it was easy to set this product up to suit my game. It performed fantastically well on test, and I felt confident every time I addressed the ball. I tested the driver on the FlightScope launch monitor system, and it not only gave me more distance, through increased head speed, but it also offered a much tighter dispersion.Test team rating:Performance: 4/5Visual appeal: 4.5/5Innovation: 4/5Value: 4/5Overall: 4/5