D-100 driver

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Paul O'Hagan reviews the new Wilson Staff D-100 driver

Golf Monthly Verdict

GM verdict The lightweight technology in the entire D-100 range makes perfect sense when looking for added distance. This was proved to be the case with the dark head design producing impressive length off the tee. Importantly, as well as producing added yardage, the head still felt controlled during the swing, which can sometimes be an issue with lightweight offerings. The Matrix shaft helped to produce very consistent results and the balance of control and a power is just right. Performance - 4/5 Visual appeal - 4/5 Innovation - 4.5/5 Value - 4.5/5 Overall - 4.5/5

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Key technology:

The SuperLight driver weighs just 269 grams to help increase club head speed without any additional effort. Engineers have focused on making the club balanced with the correct weight distribution across the head, shaft and grip so that feel and control is not sacrificed. A black PVD finish is designed to offer a sleek look at address.


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