Anser driver

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the Ping Anser driver

Golf Monthly Verdict

PGA pro verdict The finish is familiar, but the sole is strikingly different. In comparison to the G20, which I?m a big fan of, the Anser didn?t disappoint. It produced slightly less spin than the G20, which was clear in the stronger flight it produced. The whole Anser range is exciting, particularly the adjustable woods, which are great for fitting. By Top 25 Coach John Jacobs Test Team Rating: pef: 4

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1)Shaft options - The Ping Anser driver is available with three high-end shaft options, in addition to the stock TFC 800D. These are the Aldila Phenom, Fujikura ?Blur Red and the Mitsubishi Diamana ?'ahina. Each shaft offers very different performance characteristics.


Grip The 360 ID8 is a round grip designed to work with the adjustability on offer. It's available in six diameters to suit a range of hand sizes and personal preferences.



Adjustability This is the first adjustable driver from Ping - it can be tuned up or down by half a degree to tweak the flight. Ping engineers' brief was to offer adjustability without affecting the driver's performance.  


Head design In order to reduce the drag of the 460cc head, the Anser features a crown curvature that cuts through the air and maximises head speed to increase distance.  




Shelf appeal The matte-black finish, first seen on the i20 woods, is combined with simple, modern graphics that will appeal to all types of golfer. The Anser name has long been associated with quality.


Address Ping's engineers have done a great job of disguising the adjustability, so the head still looks sleek at address. It strikes a balance between the forgiveness of the G20 and the playability of the i20.



Flight The beauty of the shaft options and loft adjustability is that with a proper fitting, you can find a flight that suits your eye and delivers the best results. The spin numbers produced are similar to the i20 with the same specification head.


Distance Once you tune in your numbers, and find the right set-up from the options available, this is a powerful performer. It produces distances to compete with other top drivers currently on the market.


Forgiveness The Ping G20 offers incredible forgiveness, but without the streamline looks or workability of the i20. The Anser driver sits neatly between the two in terms of both looks and performance.

10Impact sound In contrast to the ?high-pitched ‘ting' of the G20, the Anser emits more of a solid click. It works nicely with the powerful look of the driver.  


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