In this review of the Two5 Plus bag from Sun Mountain, Sam Tremlett tests it out over several rounds.

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Overall rating:

Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag


  • Very lightweight, comfortable and has a modern, sporty design that will appeal to most tastes.


  • Not fully waterproof.


Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag


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Clubhouse Golf

Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag

A brand synonymous with high-quality, Sun Mountain has been making golf bags for over 30 years now. We have often used its products and rarely been disappointed which brings us nicely to the Sun Mountain Two5 Plus bag, a model that we recently put through its paces. 

The first thing you notice is the styling which is modern and looks great. As you can see the model on test was finished in white, black and red, a more muted design, but there are several other funky finishes too. As such, whatever style you prefer, there is something for everyone in this regard. 

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Another particular strength was how light it was. Despite having a full set of golf clubs inside, along with golf balls and pockets bursting with other pieces of golf gear, coming in at just 1.31kg it was incredibly easy to carry for a round and is easily one of the best lightweight golf bags around.

Speaking of carrying, the X-Strap system was another excellent feature. As someone with a bad back, it was comfortable and gave top-notch support when needed. The system was also very easy to adjust quickly and on the move which made it simple to find the best position on the shoulders and back. 

Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag

There are plenty of pockets, five in all, which are not massive compared to other stand bags out there, but they were more than sufficient at gobbling up balls, different types apparel and other accessories like tees, scorecards and gloves. The velour lined pocket adds a premium touch too and the simplicity of the 4-way divider top is a huge plus point.

The final positive worth mentioning is the stand itself. Too often we have tested bags that have stands which do not protrude out far enough which means in windy conditions, or uneven lies, they lose balance and fall over easily. We had no such issues here.  

Sun Mountain Two5 Plus Stand Bag

Overall this is an excellent stand bag, one of the best Sun Mountain golf bags on the market that would work perfectly in the summer months because of its lightness, comfort, and ability to house everything you could need on those warm days out on the golf course.

If you do get caught in a spot of rain there is a rain hood included, however if you are caught in a deluge then a more waterproof model would be preferable. 


An excellent stand bag that has lightness and comfort as its two leading plus points. The only thing holding it back from five stars was the waterproofing however it would work perfectly during the hot summer months.