In this Srixon Z Stand Bag review, we test this eye-catching option over multiple rounds on the course to assess how it performs

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Srixon Z Stand Bag


  • Big shoulder straps provided great comfort and protection. Very striking camo print design. Thick and strong handles. Great storage space. Very lightweight.


  • The legs continuously dropped down whilst walking.


Srixon Z Stand Bag


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Srixon Z Stand Bag Review

Golf is always looking for ways to reinvent and modernise itself, and this Srixon stand bag offers a fantastic striking look that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

With such an outlandish camo print, Srixon also offers the bag in a variety of different colourways and block colours, so there is something for everyone’s tastes.

The one noticeable theme throughout the bag is quality and durability. We see this with the double straps that provide superb padding, protection, and comfort throughout your round.

When carrying your clubs, it’s crucial that you find a bag with ample support, so you don’t hurt yourself, and thanks to the thick straps that spread the load evenly over the shoulders, it certainly ticked all the boxes.

Another big plus, is the four-way divider that kept the clubs separate from each other, allowing for smooth release in and out of the bag.

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One last positive was the storage space the bag offered. Despite featuring only five pockets, we found there was ample room for your necessities. Plus, thanks to it weighing only 2.5kg, even when the bag was fully loaded, it felt so light and manageable.

Despite all these positives though, there was one downside to this bag, which was the legs. When the bag was grounded, the legs were stable and fine. However, when the bag was on the shoulders the legs dropped drastically!

Whilst walking the legs of the bag would sometimes be making contact with the back of the thighs and after a while it became quite irritating.

To combat this, you could strap the legs in and put the bag onto a trolley. However, if you are going to do this often, you might be better off investing in one of the best cart bags on the market.

Overall though, this Srixon stand bag has a lot going for it. The protection, quality and weight are huge plus points and we really like the on-trend camo styling, standing out for the right reasons.


A stylish stand bag that offers good protection and storage. The legs not fully retracting when being carried is only a minor concern given how impressive the rest of the design is.