Decathlon Inesis Golf Light Stand Bag

Our verdict on the Inesis Golf Light Stand Bag from Decathlon

Inesis Golf Light Stand Bag Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

This is an entry-level model that packs plenty of punch for its very reasonable price. Ideal for beginners, for taking away on a trip, for those on a budget, or anyone wanting a reliable back-up.

Reasons to buy
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    Offers nearly everything you could possibly want from a stand bag at an unbeatable price.

Reasons to avoid
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    You won’t get admiring glances from those impressed by the big names!

Rob Smith is impressed by the styling and functionality of this great-value bag…

Decathlon Inesis Golf Light Stand Bag Review

While golf is full of premium brands associated with our sporting heroes, there is much to be said for a more modest approach where the product comes first regardless of name.

The Inesis Golf Light stand bag from Decathlon is an excellent and very well priced model that looks good, feels strong and reliable, and has plenty of space for your clubs, clothing and valuables.

Despite its sturdy feel, it weighs in at just 2.2 kg which will not take too much of your energy away from playing.

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It is available in three colours; black (which hides any mud splashes very nicely), white (which doesn’t!), and a very attractive and vibrant cyan/blue which looks very smart indeed.

There is a standard 5-way club divider, and the shoulder straps adjust very easily from either end and are well padded both for comfort and to spread the weight.

They are definitely designed to wear over both shoulders as the shape of them means carrying over one can be slightly uncomfortable.

There are three pockets on the right-hand side; a large one for your waterproofs or anything sizeable, and two smaller ones for valuables such as phone and wallet and other supplies.

The underside of this has straps for easy access to your umbrella.

The two pockets near the base will carry more than enough balls for a full day of even the most wayward golf, and the zips each of these have two fasteners making access very easy.

Yet another good-sized pocket on the left-hand side means there is plenty of storage for just about anyone.

Testing the bag during a remarkably dry spell, it is not possible to vouch for its waterproof qualities, but the technical spec looks very good and it should cater for all but a heavy deluge.

Overall, this is a very impressive and good-looking bag and it comes at a terrific price.

It looks like a premium product and has all the functionality you would want from a stand-bag.