Dan Parker tests the Cobra Ultralight stand bag to see how practical and lightweight this feature-packed bag is out on the course.

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Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag


  • The 5-way top makes for excellent club organisation and the pockets are spacious and well thought out.


  • Stand rods became twisted after a few uses. Not waterproof.


Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag


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Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag Review

When Cobra decided to call this bag the Ultralight, it certainly put the pressure on to creating a genuinely lightweight and practical stand bag.

Luckily for us though, it has delivered and the Ultralight comfortably lives up to the name while providing ample storage and an overall package that is stylish and easy to use.

This bag is just 2kg without any equipment in it. At this weight, it is easily one of the lightest bags in this category considering the amount of pockets and club dividers it offers. Of course, there are lighter stand bags out there, but none will give you the amount of overall storage and practicality the Ultralight offers.

Amazingly, it manages to remain light and easy to carry even when it is packed with a full set of golf clubs and other essential accessories. This is all aided by the strap, which has plenty of padding and is easily adjustable, as well as the CoolFlow foam hip pad that support the back.

The padded strap gives ample support and the right side of the bag here shows the full-length garment pocket and valuables pocket.

The eight pockets on this bag are spacious and have been well thought out by Cobra, with each pocket serving a direct purpose rather than being added for the sake of it.

The water bottle pocket on the side of the bag was thoughtfully positioned, being cleverly placed so you can access your drink easily while on the move. The full-length garment pocket is spacious too and the fleece-lined valuables pocket is ideal to store and protect your smartphone while on the course.

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The 5-way divider made for easy club organisation and full-length dividers down the bag meant we had no issues of club crowding, even when carrying a full allotment of 14 clubs.

A more detailed view of the 5-way divider. The wider pocket at the top was ideal for storing woods and hybrids.

We also tested the Ultralight stand bag on a trolley and – thanks to the EasyFlex base – we found this is a genuine option to use on a trolley. The leg lock system stops legs from kicking out and the universal base will fit flush onto all trolleys. The carry strap is simple and quick to remove too, so this bag can be converted from a carry bag to a cart bag with ease.

With the amount of pocket space, this bag is a genuine option to use on a cart if you like to switch between the two.

One down side is that we found the stand rods got twisted after only a few round with this bag, and this made the legs twist when retracted. It was a quick fix to get the stand rods straight again, but it is something to look out for.

Overall, the Cobra Ultralight stand bag lives up to its name and provides a comfortable carry with clever pocket designs and a user-friendly experience. Its practicality as a carry bag as well as a cart bag make this a great option if you’re looking for one golf bag to do every job for you.


A lightweight, well thought out stand bag that can easily double as a cart bag too. With the ample pocket and club storage on offer here, the Cobra Ultralight makes a genuine case for being the ideal all-round bag.