Puma Tailored Jackpot Pant

We test the excellent Puma Tailored Jackpot Pant out on the golf course.

Puma Tailored Jackpot Pant
Golf Monthly Verdict

An ideal golf trouser for someone who wants them well fitted around the leg. Comfortable, stretchy and hard trousers to fault overall.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Well tapered around the leg with a comfortable, stretchy waistband.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Zipper had a tendency to catch.

Dan Parker takes the Puma Tailored Jackpot Pant out on to the golf course to test the comfort of these tapered trousers.

Puma Tailored Jackpot Pant Review

Puma's Tailored Jackpot Pants are a smart, well tapered trouser option for golfers seeking a stylish and well-fitted golf trouser for the course.

These are advertised as tailored and they certainly deliver on this front, being true to size and arrive very well fitted around the leg for those after a well tapered trouser.

These trousers have the ideal combination of being slim fitting and tapered while still being stretchy and comfortable to play golf in.

Puma have used a stretched polyester fabric to make these comfortable trousers to move in. We found especially, when bending down to read a putt or pick up the ball, they offered a lot of stretch and never felt in the way of our movements.

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Fit around the waist was ideal and the waistband offers plenty of forgiveness. The inside of the waistband also features a silicone gripper tape to keep your shirt tucked in which is a nice added feature.

The material used to make the Puma Tailored Jackpot Pant is also moisture wicking which helps draw moisture away from the body to keep you comfortable during your game of golf.

The trousers have 5 pockets, 4 conventional pockets and an extra one in the left side pocket, so there are plenty of places to carry tees, balls, gloves and a scorecard during a round.

They are available in a wide range of colours too, much more than conventional black, navy and grey with white, charcoal grey or a beige being available too.

Overall though, it was the tapering around the leg which stood out on these trousers and if you are after a properly tapered leg, these are up there with some of the best tapered trousers we've tried. At less than £50 too, they're also good value for money.