Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove

Our verdict on the Callaway Dawn Patrol golf glove

Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

A solid all-rounder offering a soft feel and durability while also proving good value for money.

Reasons to buy
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    Very soft, durable and good value for money.

Reasons to avoid
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    No ball marker attached.

Our Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove review took place over the course of three rounds and two range sessions.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove Review

The Callaway Dawn Patrol glove is a full premium leather golf glove and this construction definitely helps with the soft feel and comfort levels on offer.

The fit was spot on and this hasn’t changed after a few rounds of wearing it, while the durability is also really impressive, with no real scuff marks to show for after three rounds on the course.

Our first 18 holes wearing the glove was on a reasonably hot day and we found no issues with sweating or gripping the golf club. This was helped by the perforations on top of the hand and fingers which increased breathability.

Callaway Dawn Patrol

The next round we played was more of a challenge as it was on a pretty wet day but again the glove performed very well and there was no issue with grip or comfort levels. The Dawn Patrol does not appear to have stretched or changed shape despite the adverse conditions and it has continued that way after another round and a couple of trips to the driving range.

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The excellent feel is helped by the Opti Fit adjustable closure system and the stretch binding cuff. These combine to close the glove securely around the wrist and the Velcro has remained strong through the time we’ve used it.

The excellent grip is partly due to the perforated palm which improves the tackiness, making the club feel secure in the hand and giving you maximum confidence as you swing a club. We never once felt the club slip in our hand, even after the heavens opened.

All in all the Dawn Patrol is an impressive offering from Callaway which delivers really good value for money. The price is extremely reasonable given the fact the glove should last longer than most thanks to its hard-wearing construction that still offers excellent feel.

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