What Are Your Best (Worst) Tour Pro Mannerisms?

What do you do on the course, or away from it, that is a giveaway that you (on occasion) act like a tour pro?

We're all guilty of it. Whether it is clacking your wedge on the back of your shoes on the way out of the bunker, repairing your pitchmarks with a maximum of three twists or having your glove perfectly arranged in your back pocket, with fingers protruding, when putting.

We all love to copy the boys and girls on tour and, for most of us, these tells have seeped into our psyche. Our online community throw their hands up and reveal all..

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I have been known to re-scabbard my putter - a la Miguel - after I've sunk a long putt..sadly it doesn't happen that often. Imurg

My standard is the wedge tap on the shoe when leaving a bunker, it just makes sense. I have been known in the past to do a Sergio but club repairs and replacements are expensive so I toned that down. Oddsocks

Not shouting fore. Jimaroid

When the shot warrants it I will acknowledge the 'gallery'/doff cap/wave/point to random spectator with wry smile etc etc, after holing a long or difficult putt, particularly if its for birdie. Slab

Probably nothing more than the glove in the back pocket although I did do the Tiger point at the hole as the ball dropped on a nice 20-footer on the 14th this week. HomerJSimpson

Club twirl after a flushed drive or iron shot. TigerBear

I don't take my golf overly serious, especially with mates, so I have quite a few that are all done in jest (until that horrifying moment you realise you've done something without a hint of irony). Off the top of my head…

- doff of a cap to a non-existent gallery

- hitch of the trousers to pick the ball out of the hole

- the (gentle) drop to the knees after holing out on the 18th green to celebrate winning my first Swingers Club golf day.

- driving the ball over a stretch of water and holding both arms aloft à la Bryson at Bay Hill. Albeit mine would more likely be an 80-yard pond

- Kevin Na walk in, usually to watch it slide past the hole

Unfortunately thats where any resemblance to the pros begins and ends. Must be clear I would never do these in a club comp or if any of my PPs were submitting scores etc. HeftyHacker

Tour Pro Mannerism

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I will stare hard, unbelievably and accusatorially at my (imaginary) caddy when my meticulously considered and ‘perfectly’ hit wedge shot drops 20yds short and into a green-side bunker. SwingsitlikeHogan

After a horrid shot I'll look at the ground, where the ball had been, with utter disgust because the ground was obviously to blame. Slime

I'm another one that waves to the crowd when I play an unusually good shot. Beedee

I tend to do the ‘lifting up the polo shirt around the arms/ shoulders to enable a far less restricted swing’ thing. I also do a little club twirl when I’ve struck a sweet iron into the green. Sometimes I try and walk it in like Na... but honestly I’m never sure it’s actually going in until it’s in. Bdill93

Dropping the club on the floor behind my back after a shocking shot. Don't even know why I started doing that, it is daft and obviously just for show, but it became a thing that I did without thinking about it. Orikoru

Does anyone turn up to an open in an oversized motor home? MarkT

How about these?

- turning away in disgust when I hit an iron into the middle of the green, because I was actually going for the front / back of the green

- staring at the line of a missed putt in disbelief.

- wearing a white belt

- holding the finish pose after a good shot until the ball has landed. I used to do this a lot more, probably because I used to hit the ball a lot further and have better balance.

A mate of mine took off his shoes and socks to play out of a greenside water hazard on holiday. To be fair he chipped it on the green and holed out for par. Same guy also damaged one of his clubs hitting a tree on his followthrough. Only a tour pro cares that much about saving a shot. sunshine

1. How about tossing the club and having a pathetic hissy fit when you hit a just slightly less than perfect shot?

2. Above behaviour when you miss a five-footer and give your caddy an incredulous look.

3. Tapping down about 20 slight imperfections on every green. KenL

I fist pump, a lot.....and it's completely unnecessary. SurreyGolfer

I often find myself shouting ‘fore’ and pointing in the direction the ball is going, as if people were there watching! PIng

One of my playing partners blames ‘a background noise’ on every single of of his mishits, missed putts and bad strikes. It’s got to the point where we are fearful to breathe when he is playing. We are considering getting some of those “Quiet Please” signs they hold up at tournaments so we can hold them up when he’s playing a shot. Boomy

Not me in particular but some very high handicappers I play with spend ages making sure the line on their ball is perfectly lined up for a putt. They then miss every single one of them. Beezerk

I refuse to sign anything till after the 18th.. Duckster

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