Some UK golf courses have temporarily banned smoking due to extremely dry ground conditions


UK Golf Courses Ban Smoking Due To Heatwave

Some golf courses in the UK have banned smoking on the course due to the extremely dry conditions.

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Earlier this week, moorlands in Manchester went up in flames with the UK experiencing a prolonged hot and dry spell, and some clubs have banned smoking due to the risk of ground catching alight.

Royal Birkdale wrote on Twitter, “Due to the recent heatwave and the threat of scrub fires, please be aware that smoking is not permitted anywhere on the links until further notice”

Knighton Heath Golf Club near Bournemouth have also banned smoking due to the dry conditions whilst Blankney Golf Club in Lincolnshire have also temporarily banned smoking

If you’re playing golf in the next few days and are a smoker, it would be best to check with the course on their current policy.

The UK has had a week of sunshine and no rain, with temperatures breaking the 30° celsius mark this week.

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We are scheduled to have another week of dry weather and temperatures in the high 20s.

The current weather makes for perfect conditions for firm and fast links play, but it is completely understandable that courses do not want to take any fire risks, hence the smoking bans.

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Enjoy your golf, don’t smoke on the course, and remember to wear sun cream and drink plenty of water!

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