Makser AS40CF

Makser offers a versatile and playable hybrid

Makser AS40CF £99

Design and Tech Benefits Mid-sized head with copper weave graphite crown and a long face. The graphite crown and the larger head size allow for easier ball flighting. The AS40CF has a larger sweetspot than the AS40 model. Dual weight inserts in the sole push extra weight low in the head while the rear Airflow stabilizer promotes stability throughout the swing.

Specs Lofts available: 15, 18, 21 and 24 degrees.

GM VERDICT Much bigger head than the original AS40 whose compactness was one of its greatest assets. There?s clearly a good deal of weight in the sole as it achieves excellent height. The 24 degree club produces 7-iron height with perhaps 4/5 iron distance. Although this is really more of a wood with an iron-length shaft it is still a versatile club and is playable from a variety of lies, fairway and rough.


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