Petron TPX 3-SW £179(s), £229(g)

Design and Tech Benefits
Highly polished head with progressive offset and thick top-line. The TPX?s offer playability throughout the set, all feature a healthy offset and deep, undercut, cavities. The sole design generates a very low centre of gravity for plenty of long-iron forgiveness yet there is still sufficient control and feel in the shorter irons. There is a good degree of perimeter weighting which produces a large sweetspot for better off-centre performance.

These clubs are forgiving and consistent in the strike. Trajectory is quite high but feel with the shorter clubs is surprisingly good. A neat little looker and performer. The wedges have a very rounded toe that takes a bit of getting used to visually but they feel good if you can get past that. The mid irons, in particular, seem to produce some solid strikes. For such a reasonable price, these are a viable option.
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