Nike NDS £349

Design and Tech Benefits
With the introduction of these NDS irons, Nike are looking to expand their range to show they can produce top quality kit for high handicappers and beginners as well as the best player in the world. And they?ve adapted to the different requirements remarkably well. The modern, stylish look is unmistakably Nike and a thick top line and chunky head should inspire confidence in any high handicapper of getting the ball up and away without too much difficulty. The long irons have a clever weight progression system that manipulates the centre of gravity to increase heel and toe weighting for optimum forgiveness ? ideal if you?re prone to the odd duff strike. They?ve also raised the centre of gravity in the short irons to assist you in moving the ball through the air.

For mid or low handicappers, the heads might seem too chunky, tough to manouver and potentially lacking in feel. But in the right hands we reckon these have the technological benefits to make a positive difference. At £349 they?ll attract those serious about developing an interest in the game. And if you?re looking for your first proper set of sticks, they have both the look and design to get your handicap moving in the right direction.
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