Hippo Powerstrike

Attractive cavity back clubs, progressively easier to use as the clubs get shorter

Hippo Powerstrike 3-SW £149(s), £199(g)

Design and Tech Benefit Highly polished head with progressive sole width and large polymer insert filling almost the entire cavity. The soles in the longer irons are wider for better flight and playability. They are significantly narrower in the shorter irons for increased precision and control. The ?powerstrike? polymer insert in the rear is designed to dampen impact vibrations and improve control. And, as with most game improvement clubs, there is a low centre of gravity designed to get the ball up and away on a higher trajectory.

GM VERDICT The mid irons perform well delivering solid strikes and consistency. The long irons are slightly more difficult to use than some of the Powerstrike?s competitors owing to the thinner top edge. This is not the most attractive iron from the rear, but a thinnish top-line and shortish blade will appeal to those who don?t like the look of massive headed irons. The relatively difficult to use long-irons could be a stumbling block here though.


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