Benross VX-10 3-SW £199(s), £249(g)

Design and Tech Benefits
Highly polished, oversized head with significant offset and a rear polymer insert. Three tungsten weights in the lower rear of the cavity back push the bulk of the club?s weight below the equator of the ball. This creates better launch conditions and a higher ball flight. The weights are situated inside the polymer insert which is designed to improve feel and dampen impact vibrations. The clubs have large heads featuring perimeter weighting, this makes them more forgiving thanks to an enlarged sweetspot.

Performance levels are generally good and long-iron flight is slightly more penetrating than other oversize economy irons. Benross seems to have put as much effort into the design and finish of this set as its top priced irons. There is great attention to detail and the narrower top-lines on the shorter irons are an excellent visual feature
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