Cougar Target Cat

What does 50 quid get you these days? A night out or a new fairway wood

Cougar Target Cat £49.95(s) £59.95(g)


For a wood that comes in at around 50 quid depending on the shaft you go for, you might expect the design to lack the same classic look of more expensive brands. But this one sits comfortably behind the ball asking to be hit. The cats eye that acts as an alignment aid is the perfect size and should help you line up.


These come with a power bridge that are designed to get the ball out there accurately even on miss-hits. The regular graphite shafted version shouild help those with slower swing speeds.


We felt the head was quite shallow and that it was able to nip the ball up off tight lies quite well. We tried the 7-wood version and it was certainly capable of getting the ball up and away without much fuss.


A good-looking club aimed at those looking to get a foothold in the game. For around 50 quid you'll get yourself a solid preformer.

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