Taylor Made R5 Dual

Another top driver from Taylor Made, this time it's aimed at the average amateur

TaylorMade R5 Dual Type D - £299(g)


As you'd expect the look isn't too disimilar to its very popular older brother, the r7 Quad. The head looks powerful but not bulky and hard to manouvre. But this doesn't come with adjustable cartridges. As always with TaylorMade it has a sleek, modern look.


The two permanent cartridges are designed to help deliver a high moment of inertia for maximum clubhead stability. So forgiveness should be its best trait. The Type D model is engineered to promote a draw, while the Type N is said to promote a more neutral flight.


Our testers seems suitably impressed by the high long drives on offer. The face does look quite closed at addressed ideal if you're used to seeing your ball veer off to the right but less inspiring if you nuture a hook.


At £299, we reckon TaylorMade have got the pricing spot on. It's a good quality performer aid at mid handicap golfers and the technoilogical benefits do seem to work. A sound choice for anyone in the market.

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