Progen Full Bore 2.5

Black 460cc titanium head with contoured sole featuring two fixed weights

Progen Full Bore 2.5 £80 (g)

Design and Tech Benefits Black 460cc titanium head with contoured sole featuring two fixed weights. Fixed heel and toe weights in the rear sole provide an ideal centre of gravity location for optimum launch angles.

Increased weight in the heel should make it easier to square the clubface at impact for longer, straighter shots. The face?s expanded hitting area combines with a high moment of inertia to bring greater mis-hit forgiveness.

SPECS R/H and L/H 10.5 deg plus R/H only 13 deg. Senior, regular or stiff flex. 2008-compliant.

GM VERDICT A nice-looking club though the 10.5º model appeared less lofted than that visually. Trial and error suggested a sweetspot lower in the face than some and results and strike improved noticeably when we teed it down a fraction more than usual. Good value.


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