Bang Golf Bang-O-Matic

Black 460cc titanium head with deep face and rear “flow alignment” silver indents

Bang Golf Bang-O-Matic Price: £249 (g)


Black 460cc titanium head with deep face and rear ?flow alignment? silver indents


The rear Flow Alignment indents are said to deliver more energy in the right direction with less unwanted dispersion.

The 460cc head is designed to look smaller giving it better visual appeal to those who don?t like the biggest heads.

A number of unusually low lofts are available for the very strongest power-hitters.


R/H and L/H 4.5 deg, 6 deg, 7.5 deg, 9 deg, 10.5 deg, 12 deg or 14 deg. Light, regular, stiff or Xstiff flex. 2008-compliant.


Not a club for pussyfooting around with. Results improved no end when we used controlled aggression. The bright shaft and twin-coloured head were a bit distracting at first but we soon got used to them. Solid but not as forgiving as some.

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