New TaylorMade Burner golf balls introduced

TaylorMade Golf is introducing two new golf ball models, the next-generation Burner and the all-new Burner Tour, available from 1 October, 2010

TaylorMade Burner golf balls

TaylorMade is introducing two new golf balls, the next-generation Burner and the new Burner Tour, available at retail from 1 October, 2010.

The new golf balls are designed to deliver maximum distance and exceptional feel to varying player types. The Burner ball promotes distance through high launch and longer carry; the Burner Tour's soft and thin cover promotes softer feel, higher spin and increased control.

TaylorMade's proprietary REACT Core design promotes a faster ball speed while maintaining soft performance. Both employ soft core compressions, the Burner at 35 and the Burner Tour at 45.

The Burner Tour's thinner and softer cover reduces its overall compression below that of Burner. As a result, the Burner Tour delivers incredibly soft feel and more spin around the green.

TaylorMade's Low-Drag Performance (LDP) aerodynamics have been incorporated into the premium 342 LDP dimple pattern used in both the Burner and Burner Tour, which promotes improved lift for more distance.

Although the Burner and Burner Tour incorporate slightly different cover properties - the Burner employs an IothaneTM 60D cover while the Burner Tour employs a softer Iothane 57D cover - both are resilient while also offering outstanding durability and shear-resistance.

The Burner becomes available at retail starting 1 October and the Burner Tour become available at retail starting October 15.

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