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Of all the technological advancements golf has witnessed in recent times, it’s perhaps the apparel market that has seen the greatest change. Not only do we have more choice than ever before, now there’s an option to be ‘smart’ – and we’re not just talking about how you look.

We have already seen the evolution of consumers switching to smart watches and monitoring their health, with wearable fitness trackers such as Whoop helping users to better understand their bodies. It’s led to a greater demand for smart garments. In fact, this is fastest growing category in wearable tech, and there are none smarter than KYMIRA Golf’s pioneering new range of polo shirts.

For anyone not familiar with the brand, KYMIRA is currently being used across a range of sports, including the Premier League, NBA, NFL, and Formula 1. Its tried-and-tested products have been proven to relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve recovery. For recreational golfers, many of whom suffer with aches and pains, these are attractive benefits.


(Image credit: KYMIRA Golf)

So, how does it work? In short, KYMIRA Golf’s smart garments feature specially designed fibres that trigger a reaction whereby wasted energy given off by our bodies, as well as surrounding light, are reabsorbed and converted into a specific form of infrared light.

This infrared is then emitted back into the body, penetrating 4cm into the muscles, which causes an array of positive biological changes that aid, support and enhance performance and recovery. And because the technology is embedded into the fibres, users can receive the health benefits for the entire lifespan of the garment.

“My recovery after exercise has certainly improved by wearing KYMIRA Golf, both before, during and after exercise,” says Kent county golfer, Marina Bobeldijk, who has seen some of her crucial statistics transformed. “Recovery +48% with KYMIRA Golf in contrast to +22% without. Both the deep sleep and HRV also improve."


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The luxurious men’s and women’s KYMIRA Infrared polo shirts are a culmination of form and function that the brand embodies. They make full use of the technology enhancing recovery, injury prevention, protection from cold and hot weather, thermoregulation and oxygenation.

However, not only are these garments feature-packed, they have been specifically designed with the golfers’ demands in mind – the importance of which cannot be underestimated.

The men’s shirts have been designed around a regular fit, making them easy to access for all golfers, and ensuring they skim the body from chest to waist. Meanwhile, the women’s fit floats away from the body and leaves freedom of movement unhindered. The fit is designed to rest below the waistband for great coverage across the whole golf course, ensuring your energy levels are constantly kept up.

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(Image credit: KYMIRA Golf)

In addition, flatlock seams reduce chafing and ensure the fit stays comfortable round after round, whilst the raglan sleeve design offers enhanced mobility and flex, allowing your follow-throughs to shine while still covering your shoulders in the infrared benefits like injury prevention.

KYMIRA Golf is the next smart innovation in golf, and maybe it’s time to start asking what the shirt on your back actually does for you. In a game of such fine margins, anything that can give you an edge and increase your enjoyment on the fairways is certainly worth trying. 

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